July 15, 2021

COVID-19 Response Update

Last updated: 15 July 2021
Issue date: 22 March 2021

COVID-19 Response Update


Almost eighteen months on from the initial company wide response to dealing with the first impacts of COVID-19 on our operations, Teys is supportive of the vaccination rollout plan that can further protect our people, and our supply chain as an essential service to the Australian community.

Teys continues to work closely with all arms of government and stay abreast of any relevant changes as COVID-19 management protocols continue to evolve and vaccinations become more readily available.


Frequently asked Questions –

Why is it important for Teys employees to be vaccinated?

Our people play a critical role in the supply chain of an essential industry, and we are always focused on the health and safety of our people. Protecting them is a top priority. The vaccination rollout is consistent with that focus, and Teys is fully supportive of measures that protect the health of our workforce and, in doing so, reduce the risk of business disruption to a critical supply chain.


How will Teys support its workforce with the vaccination rollout?

Whilst Teys is fully supportive of the vaccination rollout, Teys will not be mandating that our people receive a vaccination. The decision to have a vaccination is personal and voluntary.

In line with our current process for annual flu vaccinations, we will encourage our workforce to consider receiving the vaccination for COVID-19 and encourage them to seek further information from their regular doctor, or a vaccination clinic if they have questions.

We will provide assistance, if required, to facilitate appointments at approved vaccination clinics, and our agreed policy is to provide paid time off work for all Teys employees to receive their COVID-19 vaccination. We will work with Health Departments and General Practitioners where the opportunity arises to conduct vaccination clinics at our facilities.


What take-up rate for the COVID-19 vaccination do we expect in the Teys workforce?

In line with take-up rates for the annual flu vaccination program that Teys offers its employees, we expect that the take up rate for the COVID-19 vaccination will be strong.


Do Teys employees have to pay for the vaccination?

In line with the COVID-19 vaccination government funding model, Teys employees will not be required pay for their vaccination.

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